Impulse - PulseAudio Visualizer


Impulse is a bit of eye-candy for your desktop. It is a widget that displays a graphical spectrum analyzer on your gnome desktop. It is written in c and python and uses GTK and cairo graphics to generate the animation. the impulse library creates a pulse audio connection context that reads the output stream from pulseaudio in a thread natively which can then be read from python. You can specify impulse to either output the raw stream or output the fft of the raw stream.


screenlets 1.2 libfftw3-3 libpulse0


1) Download and extract Impulse.tar.bz2 2) mv Impulse ~/.screenlets/ then open up the screenlets manager and start Impulse or open screenlets manager and click Install, navigate to the Impulse.tar.bz2 archive and click ok.


Impulse 0.5.4
Fixed issue cause by latest Ubuntu update and added ability to change the audio source.

Impulse 0.5.0
New structure. Themes now editable.

Impulse 0.2.4
Fixed screenlet menu bug and use a smarter way to identifying the pa monitor source.

Impulse 0.2.2
Added new screenlet themes

Impulse 0.2.0
Project is under a new name, Impulse. Now natively captures PulseAudio output source

Spectrolet 0.1.4:
Switched from ESOUND to Pulseaudio

Spectrolet 0.1.2:
Now preforms an fft on the audio stream

Spectrolet 0.1.0:
Now uses gtk.main correctly